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Being a creator, means that I extremely enjoy the process of bringing an idea to life; whether it be producing promotional and music videos as well as generating interactive designs. I am always looking for new opportunities to discover new skills and aspire to better myself in my field of work. I have had previous experience of being a freelance photo and videographer, these jobs allowed me to express my creativity with my own style. Working with a diverse team means that new ideas and skills can be exchanged, making it a refreshing way to develop character and knowledge.

My designs are something I take pride in. I began creating from a young age, this came from winning drawing competitions I took part in; which helped me realise that design is a career path that I wanted to follow. I carried on with my desire for creating as I chose to study Graphic Design and Photography along with other A-Levels in secondary school, this allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge in these subjects. This is when I had an inclination to begin further education in Design and I embarked my studies at Northumbria University in Interactive Media Design (IMD).

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