Luke Blacklock

UX Designer

*Record Scratch*

*Freeze Frame*

Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got in this situation. Well, here goes.

Hi, my names Luke.

A 22 year old designer out of North West England, I have a love for TV, Film, and all things cinematography. Design has been a hobby, and a passion of mine for the better part of my life. I ventured to Northumbria to refine and redefine my understanding, and experience whilst broadening my skill set and toolbox.

In design, I like to think of myself as a UX problem solver. I thrive on getting into the nitty gritty depths of a project, to make sure every aspect, be it a product or service is as smooth and as functional as possible, for any user. From apps, to online media, or physical interactions they all deserve 100% and if need be 100 iterations to get the best possible outcome. Throughout my design process, I continuously focus on creating intuitive, seamless, and pleasing interactions, as I value usability over aesthetics (to a certain degree).

A product might be the most beautiful ever constructed, but, if the user cannot easily navigate it; the beauty is lost.
Beautiful design should be shared through outstanding user experiences.