Leigh-an Howe

UI / UX Designer

Hello! My name is Leigh-an Howe and I’m a designer from Newcastle. I have loved design from a young age and it’s my passion in life to pursue a career in it too, interested in Graphic Design, UI/UX Design and Visual Design and plan to live my life and work in any of these areas. In my spare time I like to design and draw, I often find myself thinking about what I could create next. I am a daydreamer, a doodler and a creator and I love seeing my designs come to life from pen to paper, nothing gives me more joy than having my ideas realised on the screen of a computer. If I had to spend my life in one place it would be New York City, the best place on earth. One day I plan to live there and have the dream design job I have always wanted.

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Personal Portfolio: www.behance.net/leighanhowe

Linkedin: leigh-an-howe-24150bb3

Email: leighanhowe@yahoo.co.uk

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UI / UX Design


UI / UX Design

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