Francesca Emmingham

UX Designer

Hi I'm Francesca, a UX Designer with a VIP edge and a talent for staying up for three days straight before deadlines

This whole journey has been a huge whirlwind for me, from studying Media and Film Studies at A-Level, I was completely shocked that I had actually found something that I both was relatively good at and enjoyed all the same. As I progressed to look into Universities I thought, why not give Interaction Design a go?

As I have progressed through this course from having basic Adobe skills and the odd mess around with print based design, I have gone on to reaching a high level of skill within the use of a huge range of design aspects. My greatest achievement would definitely have to be creating my own sensory based experience through using motion tracking software which is something that coming into the course I would not think I would ever have done as a concept never mind as my Final Project within the final part of my degree.

Right now UX Design is what I am most passionate about, as I am enjoying toying with the new technology breaking boundaries in the interactive world which I have loved looking into this year most specifically. At this point I am just itching to get out into the design world and see what I can possibly do next working as part of a team with other skilled designers and to learn even more from those who I work with in the future.

My Work