Emilia Gizewska

UI/UX, Visual & Graphic Designer

My family is blessed with talent in our hands; from designers, to engineers. Having previously stood out in art & design, I knew I had to follow my family's footsteps. Throughout my childhood up until now, jigsaw was my secret hobby. This calming and relaxing chore improved my focus on attention to detail, patience and quick problem solving skill. At school, I decided to go a step further and get involved with constantly evolving technology, hence studying Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University. I am developing the skills further which also include web design, branding, interaction and graphics.

I am always looking for new opportunities to discover new skills and aspire to better myself in my field of work. I am currently gaining experience as a freelance designer, where a few even lead to long-term contracts with clients. These jobs allowed me to self-learn professional approach as well as express my creativity with my own style to being able to sell my work along with positive feedback.

Moreover, I am regularly involved with indoor & beach volleyball and have been training the sport since high school. I was successful enough to represent England North at the age of 16. Travelling is another long-term hobby that allows me to sightsee exciting places, develop languages and explore new traditions and food cultures. I am always open to new locations.