Adele Brown

UX/UI Interaction Designer

Hello, I'm Adele. I'm a UX/UI interaction designer from the North East, UK and I'm looking for an awesome group of people to work with after I graduate. Passionate with potential rather than finished product, my main skillset lies at the intersection of physical and digital product and service design. I’m interested in : Form, function, interaction, colour, communication, coffee, empathy, society, people, music, technology, and more. I believe that design is a tool for creating a better understanding between people and products, thinking about our future world, and creating unobtrusive yet immersive experiences. Designing around constraints, pushing my abilities to their outer edges and challenging my creativity in a team is what I’d ideally want to be paid for. Last summer, I spent 3 months working as a UX/UI design intern for Virgin Money which gave me valuable experience working within an agile, fast paced design team. I was exposed to and collaborated with a variety of roles within the team, which has made me more considerate when designing with others. Anyway, saying much more makes this less of an introduction and more of a Match.com profile, so I’ll stop there. Drop me a line and let's chat.