Adam Smith

UX/UI Designer

Hi, my name is Adam Smith, a confident, enthusiastic and adventurous UX/UI Designer from Leeds, looking to make his mark on the design industry. As a lover of technology, Rugby League, Football and Music, I have always ensured that everything I love and enjoy is at the centre of my life. In regards to design, for me it is embracing challenges, designing with purpose, and creating memorable and meaningful experiences for the user. This is something I have always tried to cement at the core of my design, something which I pride myself on.

My journey to Northumbria University was not direct. As many people will know, there is no need to rush into decisions when considering your future, it is vital to experience life in order to understand what interests, motivates and drives you as a person. I did just that! I have always had a love and a passion for computing and design, increasing my interest throughout school and after finding the Interactive Media Design course here at Northumbria, I knew I had to venture to Newcastle to work towards my dream. My dream of one day working within the design industry, designing incredible products, services and experiences through encapsulating the wants and needs of people.

Over the past 3 years, I have grown to be someone who can perform and design at the highest level, always striving to improve and better myself through learning from the best. My progression as a designer and as a person has thus far resulted in me securing an internship at Hedgehog Lab which ran from July 2016-April 2017 and I am currently looking to graduate with a high first class degree. The knowledge I have gained and the opportunities I have been fortunate to have experienced at the hands of my lecturers and peers are invaluable and have given me the confidence to go and follow my dreams.

  • Personal Portfolio: adsmithdesign.co.uk/
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamixd/
  • Email: adamsmith1195@gmail.com
  • Design Focus:
    User Interface Design
    User Experience Design
    Interaction Design
    Experiential Design
  • Skills:
    Adobe Creative Suite
    Prototyping tools (Invision/Proto.io)
    Basic HTML/CSS
    Sketch Up