Designed by:

Luke Medlock

Vox stands for voice operated experience. It is an experiential piece taking a IR Helicopter and making it completely voice controlled. I did this through programming an Arduino UNO and EasyVR shield to create a voice control module which I then linked to an IR emitter to send the appropriate Infrared code to the helicopter to make it fly. It is designed to be a new way of interacting with aerial technologies and hints at practical application for the likes of quad copters, drones and UAV’s. Vox (version 3.1.1) carries over 120 commands and usable in 18 languages.

I chose the IR Helicopter firstly as I am able to read binary (Infrared uses this) and therefore hack the code to accommodate the use of the voice control module. Secondly, it is a small device capable of prototyping my concept effectively and displays how the new interaction could be applied to different aviation technologies.

The headset is used to revise audio feedback from the helicopter so that you, the user, know that a command has been received and is being carried out. Giving Vox a voice allows for a certain degree of humanistic personification; the call response style allows for strong communication between the user and the technology, creating in depth interaction.