Sainsburys Your List

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From the main idea of a smart shopping list, we developed Sainbury's Your Lists with broader use and features to support the omnichannel experience of shopping.


Clean graphics in-line with Sainsbury's graphic style


Our aim is to give customers a seamless omnichannel experience. This allows both feedback to be given, and responded to, instantaneously, providing customers the ability to locate products easier whilst instore. We want to further empower store staff, directing resources efficiently where required, giving them the means to respond, support and assist customers, for in the moment queries

Project Details

Sainsbury Your List focsus on allowing customers to create personalised shopping lists that will in turn connect them to their local store - building a personal realtionship and making their shopping experiennce more fulfilling.

The main features is devided by two, for customer and staff app. Customer's app is able to do search for items by product, store or location m, Create multiple lists, check for product availbility and also “Call for Help” which helps connecting customers with staff.

Staff app main features consist of : Respond to “Call for Help”, give and share their opinions on how their store is run as well as Manage their own store, app pages and photo’s making it unique to their store.