Designed by:

George Grange, Laura Baldock

We were set the task to create a new youth bank account product, to attract youths and make them want to bank with Virgin Money. We decided to come up with a budgeting app aimed at students. The app will make banking easier and more convenient for student to manage their money. The app allows the user to create a profile and set themselves goals in order to budget their money for things that they really want/ need.

This shows the goal section of the app. This allows the user to create goals that they can make a high or low priority. The user can select whether this is a monthly outgoing amount like rent or bills. Or they can choose whether it is a holiday that they want to slowly put money into for a specific date. This section really allows for students to manage their money easily.

Here you can see all of the other app screen that we created. You can see that the user can connect with Facebook and select friends that they may need to send money too. The user can also use the app to locate a Virgin Money lounge around where they currently are. Finally you can see that if the user is about to spend more money than they are supposed to that day, and it will effect one of their goals, the user will be sent an notification to make them think about what they are spending, and really decide whether they need what they are purchasing or not.