Designed by:

James Leigh

Vault revolutionizes the journey of purchasing tickets to music events, connecting the user to the artist and other fans from the moment they buy their tickets. Vault keeps the user connected throughout their journey up to, during and after the event your attending. The service also prevents ticket touts with the unique digital ticketing id, Giving the artist the chance to provide tickets to real fans and interact through artist posts, videos, exclusive music content, merchandise and more.

The 4 steps to buy system means there are only 4 pages before your tickets are bought, the app minimizes the amount of screens needed to buy tickets to help the user feel at ease when buying. Your ticket is available in E-Ticket form from the moment your payment is accepted, you can access your ticket through the profile page.

The connecting to artist features really makes this app stand out from the rest, the artist can post updates on his/ her feed and you can interact with them through the inter- action page. The app also gives the artist the opportunity to give access to exclusive content for real fans with tickets.

The Fan community gives the fans the chance to meet other users that are attending their show, it also has features like instant messaging, car sharing and find friends which help the user to interact with other fans with the same musical interests.

The profile page is where you can choose what to share with other fans i.e. your location and the upcoming events your attending. You also find the fans you have made interactions with and your e-ticket on this page.