Designed by:

James Leigh

Tripbindr is a travel app that allows the user to store everything in one place to make for an easier more seamless trip. From booking documents to boarding cards and even attraction tickets Tripbindr allows you to store all of these and more in one place making it easier for the user to enjoy their holiday. Not only does it allow you store everything in one place, but you can also do all of your planning inside the app as well, you enter your plans and Tripbindr does the work for you, creating an itinerary in an easy to follow timeline that can be updated and edited on the go, Tripbindr is the number one travel hub for all trips whether it be for business or leisure

Choose your trip allows the user to manage their trips, they can see an overview of all of their upcoming trips and any important notifications from this page including flight time updates in real time and alerts when there has been a change to your plans

There are two different ways to view your itinary, “timeline view” gives you the chance to look at an overview of your days plans, with a simple layout and easy to understand icons. Full view still keeps the minimalistic feel but gives more informa- tion where you can view more in depth with flight information, gate opening times and more