Designed by:

Leigh-an Howe, Hayley Spencer, Alex Robson, Matt Hui

Working as a group we were given the opportunity to design and create a board game from start to finish. Treasure Trap is a traditional, inventive and fun game where users have to race each other to the end. Throughout the game users will encounter 2 sets of cards the ‘Diamond’ cards which are positive and receive rewards and ‘Skull’ cards which demolish your chance of winning and help your enemy enhance theirs. As well as making your way around the board you have to enter each of the rooms collecting small items from each and adding them to your collection. Once the user has 1 item from each room they can then make their way to the finish line but be aware incase one of your opponents steal your items along the way.

The final board game complete with game pieces, Diamond and Skull cards, rules and collection bags. All elements designed to match the board and characters to look as though they are inside the game.

Come on an adventure where you get lost in the game racing to the end where the winner takes all, are you going to be our champion. Final photographs of the board game box finished with an ancient Egypt theme and characters created to have a more realistic feel.

We also made an accompanying flash game that captured the feeling of the physical board game. To do this we recreated ones of the characters from the board game in a new style that would better suit being animated.

The game followed the same goal of the board game, as the player would enter an ancient tomb in search of treasures. Whilst playing the game players must navigate across the platforms in the tomb to survive the level and try to collect as much treasure as possible along the way.