A concept project for Virgin Money designed to try solve a problem that would occur if we we're to move into a cashless society.
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Designing initial ideas based on a set brief and in depth research, and developing these ideas appropriately based on the client's and user's requirements.


Using prototyping software to mock up an app and a simulation of the bank card to give the client a better idea and representation of how it all works.


Consistently testing the idea and prototype with the client and users, allowing for feedback valuable towards the development of the concept.

Digicard is a concept project I did in my Final Year of University. Our client was Virgin Money and we were asked to design a solution for a problem that could occur if society moved towards being cashless. The problem I aimed to solve was, Simply put, people will spend much more money using bank cards than they would with physical cash. This leads to people spending money they can’t afford to spend.This project required a lot of research and was one of the hardest briefs I’ve tackled whilst at University.

I began by researching into places that are close to cashless and how their population is reacting to/handling it and began to find small problems that could be solved. After developing a chosen idea with the help of feedback from Virgin and people that fit my target market, I created digicard. Digicard is an interactive, personalised bank card with real time balance updates when you spend. You can assign funds to an expenditure from the app in the budgeting stage. Distributing funds for different expenditures and being able to see how much you have for each helps you manage your spending. The accompanying app has many features allowing you to distribute funds, track your spending, restrict your spending, see your savings and more.

The video demonstration is available via the youtube link to the left.

This project taught me that some demographics aren’t just simplistic things such as age, and that they can be a variety of specifications such as attitudes towards something and personalities that can affect the people around them. The project also helped me use feedback to progress my designs and how to get the most out of researching and testing with users.

All of my design process and developments I went through can be found in my Design Document which I would be happy to show, just contact me through my email and I can send it over.