Improve your shooting with KickPro, a projection and app based project designed to help you get the perfect strike on a ball.
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Developing an initial idea to improve the concept and overcome any problems through feedback, testing and more.

App Design

Designing and editing application interfaces to improve usability and add features appropriate for the users' requirements.

3DS Max

Enhancing my skills with 3D software using 3DS Max to create a video simulating how the product works.

KickPro is a concept project I did for my Personal Project module in my final year of University.

The project is aimed at providing tuition to a user to help improve their technique when shooting in football. The user selects their position, target and foot preference on the app and it will work out the optimum method for kicking the ball. A projection is then displayed on the ball and on the goal according to the app. The user will receive live feedback on the app after each shot and after finishing their session can compare their results to previous attempts to see how they are progressing.

The video demonstration is available via the youtube link to the left.

I used this project to decide to teach myself some 3D software skills to be able to model up a simulation of the environment and the product and also animate the models to create a video to demonstrate how everything works. There are a lot of future potential developments to this project that I had towards the end that would solve a lot of the potential problems with the project, but due to time restrictions and that it was a concept project I couldn't implement them.

All of my design process and developments I went through can be found in my Design Document which I would be happy to show, just contact me through my email and I can send it over.