Designed by:

George Grange

I chose to redesign the popular steam app which was available on android. As an avid user of the main steam client on PC, I was very disappointed with the look and performance of their mobile equivalent. The design had a very 2012 feel to it with old UI designs. My redesign consisted of removing unnecessary features, improve the way others worked as well has coming up with my own.

I wanted to try a different take on UI design. I looked around the internet and existing apps to see how UI has changed and challenged myself to do something different. At the time I was happy with the result but personal refection has given me ideas to improve it.

I thought about what people would want from an app like this. Steam is known for its mass sales during certain times of the year. The reason I had the app in the first place was to purchase games when I was away from the keyboard. I added the function to remotely install games onto your computer, rather than coming home to sit around for 5 hours before you can play the latest title.