Designed by:

Matthew Walsh

The point of this project is the tackle to the issues of basket abandonment, there is on average a 68% Abandonment at checkout and actually only 3% average conversion rate. Retailers, global lose around $18bn annually due to this phenomenon.
Thats where Stash comes in. Stash is a universal shopping basket. Made for those who are regulars to the world of online shopping, be that for fashion items, household goods, or anything the world wide web has to offer. The idea is that you only have to pay once. Shop on any website at any time, when your done and you've found you item add them to your stash and pay once. With this idea there is no more need to get your card out and fill in your details multiple times.

A bit like Pinterest but for shopping, you can create what are called drawers, These drawers allow to separate item in to categories, compare items from different websites to each other, then once you've decided add that straight to your basket. You can mix and match items from different drawers. They are designed to be as flexible as you want them to be.

Stash is mobile optimised. You can browse whilst on the move and still save them for later, There isn't a specific app, but the website has been created to fit everything mobile. As a new product I wanted to give the user an option to use it on their mobile but not take up precious storage space, with potentially an app they won’t use.

Features include being able to edit items directly in stash, so for dresses you could change the size, or quantity. There will be updated details as to whether the item is in stock or not, whether are and price changes, if the item has gone in a sale for example. It is designed so that you have to do as little as possible to buy what you want, Stash tries to cut out all the unnecessary clicks needed in existing online shopping experiences.

Fill you redials once and Stash will save them for you, cutting out the need to really ever enter your details, all usual security measures are taken to make sure your shopping is as risk free as possible, Stash doesn’t hold any of the money it goes straight to the website you want the item from. It’s as if you bought it from there in the first place, Stash will deal with the company separately to make sure your shopping experience is as natural as possible.