The portal for Bulgarian CG Art, featuring interviews with freelance artist Dimital Bochukov and Kaizen-Web Productions' Todor Hristov.
Design Palitra


CG Art has always been one of the main sources of inspiration and it always hurt me to see how little acknowledgement talented Bulgarian artists get in our country, so I wanted to create a web-portal that features their work.


The aim of the website is to show young aspiring artists that there is future in Digital Art in Bulgaria, to encourage them to pursue the career and help them learn from the best.


The website was created using WordPress and features interviews, written by me, articles and product reviews, Bulgarian projects and artists, as well as portfolios and tutorials.

DesignPalitra was inspired by the talent of number of Bulgarian CG artists, who work for major companies like Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Flight, but do not get the recognition they deserve within their own country. Growing up I had a lot of friends who inspired to become artists but gave up on the idea thinking there is no way to start a career in art in Bulgaria. I recently came to believe that had they seen the success of other artists in the community and had they received advice by professionals, my friends probably would not have given up.

Which is why I decided to create DesignPalitra, for my second year, Web Publishing project. The website was designed to not only act as online magazine, but also as a place for young artists to feature their art. The users can send their work to the website, to get reviewed and the best will get featured on the portfolio page.

Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign aimed to not only to advertise the existence of the portal, but to also give advice and tutelage to young artists. I deemed that the best platforms to do that on are YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube the artists, who work with the magazine and/or have portfolios on the website, will upload interviews and work in progress videos. On twitch these same artists will show their process and answer questions about their work. Meanwhile Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be the place where these tutorials will be featured.