A device to help financially excluded people manage their finances in a cashless society

Smart Debit Card


The financially excluded are amongs the most disadvantaged in our siciety and will be most hindered were we to transition to a cashless society.


To create a device that would help people with singular bank account spend and manage their finances better.


The smart debit card is a device, that funcions as a contactless payment card, but is safer, as it uses biometrics to aprove payments. The software allows the users to allocate finances to separate funds, pay through them and receive on the spot savings review.

Cashless Society

The average user has a number of bank accounts and moves money around from account to account in order to keep better track of their finances and savings. However a big chunk of our society can’t do that, because they have no bank account or only 1.

We consider financially excluded those who have no or limited access to what we call the mainstream financial services. Without the access to appropriate financial services people are burdened by higher taxes, bill and higher prices for goods and services. The impacts of exclusion are not just financial but also affect education, employment, health, housing, and overall well-being.It is essential to create a system that is fit-for-purpose for everyone, regardless their income, so everyone can participate fairly and fully in everyday life.

Budgeting - Low income individuals and families prefer using cash as it gives them greater sense of control and freedom. They can see their money as it comes and goes. And it’s really important for them to know exactly how much they have at any given point.

Online Banking – Even if the person can use online banking it's often more inconvenient than anything else. Is often a means to an end and gets checked after a transfer has been made. However for the poorest knowing exactly how much they are spending as they are spending it is extremely important, we've all seen people return goods at the checkout because they are short on cash. Online banking doesn't offer the same on the spot spending feedback like cash does.

Connectivity is a great issue.– Internet connection is crusial in order to manage ones finances online however the most disadvantage often don't have access to any internet. They can't get contract phones and broadband and more often than not they have to visit a relative or go to the local library in order to gain access to the net.

The Device

The device has touchscreen and enables contactless payments, enables continuous account balance updates. Users can allocate money into separate funds,set saving goals,pay through a fund, save change from one fund to another.