A diabetes health management app

User Experience Research Project


The motivation behind this project, was the desire to research into the way emerging technologies can be used to improve the quality of diabetes management mobile applications, without the need of creating a smart device, to be purchased by the user.


With this project, I aimed to test my ability to research, break apart complicates subjects I had no prior understanding of, empathise with the users and create a system that answers their needs.


GlucoCare is an app that user OCR scanners to log blood sugar readings, it features modular treatment system, chatbot and an AI that helps the user manage their condition easier.

GlucoCare is a health app that aims to help people understand and manage diabetes at the beginning of their treatment. Using revolutionary technologies, it aids people in keeping track of medication, food and blood sugar levels. It aims to guide the user through the toughest moments of their lives and help them get used to their condition.

Utilizing OCR scanner GlucoCare allows for a semi-autonomous recording of blood sugar levels, without the need for the user to buy new device.

The app is a smart software that learns as the user logs information. It helps people spot trends and provides tips on managing diabetes.

Counting cabs is one of the most important yet cumbersome tasks a newly diagnosed diabetic has to face. The Carb Calculator is a chatbot that can teach people how to count the carbohydrates in their meals.

Mental Health Tracking

Diabetes is above all a chronic disease. People have to get used to the idea that they will live with this condition until the rest of their life. This can often offset anxiety, stress and depression, which are not only dangerous mental health issues, but can also affect diabetes negatively, creating a vicious circle of high blood sugar levels and disappointment.

I believe that mental health is a problem that needs to be addressed more openly and as designers we have the chance to do so by including it in our work. Which is why with my application I propose a Mental Health tracker, that consists of 14 different emotional states. The user can select as many as they want at a time and write a note as to why they felt this way. The app stores these results, looks for trends in both the physical and mental state of the user and raises flags when it needs.