Designed by:

Matt Hui, Matthew Gordon

Scan & Deliver is a mobile application aimed at bringing people back into our high streets. It lets users scan any product in their local high street shops, add them to an all in one basket and deliver them all home with one button. Scan & Deliver gives small independent shops a free method of providing delivery to their customers and a way to compete with large supermarket’s services. It also lets customers shop at their local butchers or grocers like they would at a large supermarket and have their shopping easy delivered home.

Shopping in your high street is easy than ever. Just scan an item from any store on the street to instantly learn about the product and choose your quantity or sizing. Then add it to your basket where you can find all the items you've added from many different store on your high street, ready to deliver home with the push of one button.

Discover all the stores near to your location that are using Scan & Deliver and learn exactly whats going on in your high street. Learn about each store, find directions to them and start scanning straight away. Scan & Deliver takes all the worry out of shopping to provide the most relaxing shopping experience ever.