Designed by:

Matt Hui

Sainsbury’s Livewell is the easiest way to track your health. My goal for my final project was to create a more user friendly healthy eating app, that could provide benefits instantly to the users without needing as much input as the apps currently available.

I achieved this by using payment data from users grocery shops to provide healthy recipes suggestions & instant beneficial advice.

Each time a users buys their shopping with a Nectar Card what they've bought will be instantly uploaded to their phone. Here they can see just how healthy their shop was, see whats in their cupboards straight from their phone and find recipes for the ingredients they already have in.

The currently available health apps do not provide any health benefits to their users until they have input data about their eating habits for at least a week. Sainsbury’s Livewell can give you an immediate overview of how healthy the food you buy is as well as an overall health grade from the moment you sign up.

Inputting data can also become tedious and time consuming as recording our meals is not something we want to do whilst eating. With features such as checking your cupboards and finding new recipes, Sainsbury’s Livewell becomes part of making our meals and so recording them is easy and effortless.

Recording their meals lets the user see their progress throughout the day. User set goals provides them with a calorie target to help them gain or lose weight. The health grade of each meal gives a quick glance at how health the meal is beside just calorie content. With these two features Sainsbury’s Livewell makes tracking and reaching your health goals clear and manageable.