Designed by:

Ilisa Izhar, Ryan Lee

Looking for a parking spot is big part when going about with your day. Not knowing if there is an available spot, car security, and the paranoia of walking to the car alone in a dingy dark building is enough to put off anyone. SafePark is an interface that increase parking experience and giving an extra sense of security. It was a task given to improve the high streets experience and we focused to the security aspect of the situation.

The interface offers a booking system for the desired parking space with GPS to guide right up to the parking space. QR code is also available to eliminate the usage of printed ticket. This security app also introduces the security call function is able to seek help when needed.

This mobile app is to ensure and prioritise safety. It is also available to carparks all over town, with real-time feed for carpark availability. Booking system and GPS makes it easier for anyone to find their space, cutting stress related to carparks to a minimal and ultimately to stay safe.