Designed by:

Ilisa Izhar

Imagine walking into the local aquarium showcasing prehistoric sea life. Being able to know their story and see them interact with the surrounding as if they are still among us.

Project Subquatic aims to be used in educational/tourist environments such as aquariums,and museums. And is flexible to the event it is being used for, by changing the projected video.

This hologram projection is set underwater, and the size and story of this instalment is limited only to the imagination. Project Subquatic is also aimed to educate and adding a sense of a magic and life-likeness to subjects like history and myths. To once more popularise museums and such.

For this instalment, the story produced was to bring alive the mythical story of Atlantis and a make-believe submarine named Sublantica, it tells the tale of Sublantica and its fate in the search for the long lost city.