Designed by:

Alex Robson & Others

This project was a group project with some other IMD students from different year. The team was small but we were given the task of creating a new car interface for either BMW or Audi cars. A company had actually come in and asked us to create this for them as they had themselves been approached by Audi/BMW in regards to this. We quickly decided that we would focus on a smartphone interface that would be handsfree when necessary and would also feature a Heads up display. The idea was to not take the drivers attention away from the road but still give him/her full control of the vehicle.

The whole project had to contain promotional material such as the posters here. Looking more into why we included the smartphone at all; the answer is families. We found out through research that when families are travelling often they all want to control the music or the temperature. This is especially the case when a family has children of different ages. The NIVA app allows different people to control the car at different times in a sort of 'line-up'.

The steering wheel itself would also be 'smart'; containing sensors that detect the drivers heartbeat and temperature and regulating the car temperature or music accordingly. This would also mean that NIVA could automatically detect when the driver was sleepy and subsequently react. The HUD is visible in this image, above the steering wheel so the driver does not have to turn his/her head.