Designed by:

Becky Lee

The aim of my project was to create a web and mobile application which would direct patients to the correct medical service depending on their symptoms, location and live waiting times at hospitals and walk in centres. Using these three factors the application will determine the correct medical service for you. This will in theory make sure all patients are going to the correct medical service to receive their treatment, therefore reducing unnecessary waiting times and congestion in medical healthcare centres. The service is designed to make the whole new system easier to understand for patients and help them get the most from the new system.

Since opening the new £95 million Emergency Specialist Care Hospital in June 2015, the new emergency care system has been experiencing some teething problems. Most of these problems are down to the fact patients do not no where to go to get the most suitable care for them.

Many patients are turning up to the emergency specialist hospital when they do not even require urgent care. This problem is causing doctors and nurses to have to split their time dealing with these less serious issues when they could be spending time caring for more serious injuries and illnesses. This is not to say that some of the people arriving at the hospital do not require medical attention, it may just be more suitable for them to be consulted by their GP or at a minor injuries unit or walk in center.

This project has been a great way for me to extend my existing skills. My main aim from the beginning to end of this project was to create something with a requirement and purpose. I think I have done this with my concept. The requirement for a service like this within the NHS certainly helped me with my design and it was great to find that many other people that I spoke to throughout the project agreed there was a need for a service like this.