Designed by:

Claire Fearon

My Appventure is a new interactive learning experience for children, merging smart phone technology with the traditional novelty of reading a book. For this project, I essentially wanted to bridge the gap between having fun and learning so decided to combine a traditional book with a technological device. There are many interactive books already on the market, however, most are understandably moving with the times and are no longer paper-based but eBooks. I want to preserve the novelty of reading a book and try and bring it into the 21st century.

So, along with creating a book, I also wanted to create an accompanying app and animations within that app to be played alongside each page of the book. The app’s purpose was to personalise the whole user experience, whereby a child could enter their gender and their name, creating a profile and character that could be viewed in the animations when placed in the book.

The app in structure was created to be pretty simple so that a child could navigate through it easily. When information was inputed into the app and a character chosen, the child could then see their character come to life as the pages of the book turned. The interactive app/book experience is primarily for entertainment purposes but can also be used educationally as your child learns numbers, letters and words.