LILI would be located on the end of certain aisles and is made from a sound localising dome and omnidirectional and unidirectional mircophones.


Our concept is LILI (Local Item Locating Interface) an in store installation that uses voice user interface (VUI). The customers ask for the item that they wish to locate and an animation on a screen display shows the customer to the location of the item.

Project Details

  • Project Name: LILI
  • Project Type: Experiential and App
  • Project Style: Voice UI

The shape of the concept has been carefully considered after undergoing research on voice user interface (VUI) and how the public use it. People didn't like others over hearing what they were saying when they were speaking to VUI, therefore we decided on the use of a sound localising dome so only the user can hear what LILI is saying to them. The omnidirectional and unidirectional microphone reduces teh user having to repeat themselves as it can pick up what the user saying easier even with back ground sound.

We included a screen because we found that people liked hvaing visual feedback when they were talking to a VUI and also allows the user to manually enter the item they are looking for if the interface doesn't understand the user on their first attempt. This reduces frustration with the interface.

The screen shows visual feedback to the spoken command as well as showing the user different brands of the item that they have asked to find and items that sound similar. The interface can also find the item that the customer is looking even if the customer doesn't know the name of the item. It can be found by description, such as, the colour, the food type or a recipe that the item can be found in.