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A thick sheet plastic was used to make the road which was then measured, cut, the road marks where drawn and then painted accurately. The road also contains road signs and functioning traffic lights.


A road had to custom designed and built containing the elements needed to give information to the system on the autonomous car. These included 5mm white line outlining the roads in order for the car to drive within them.

Project Details

  • Porject Name: AutoEd
  • Project Type: Experientia
  • Project Style: Educational

My idea is to create an autonomous vehicle on a small scale by converting a remote control car a self-governing vehicle. This vehicle will react to instructive things that are found on British roadway, for example speed limits, right/left turns only, stop signs, different traffic light signals, etc... The actions that would take place in a car such as the steering wheel, pedals and gears would also we demonstrated (using reused gaming steering wheel, pedals and gears that were once used for console gaming) autonomously, matching the movements of the car on the circuit. A circuit will be created for the car that embodies vital elements of British roadway within it to demonstrate the car’s autonomous ability.

There is not only an autonomous aspect to this idea there is also an interactive element which is that once the car has demonstrated how to drive correctly, then the user can then control the car to attempt to recreate the a perfect lap of the circuit on which they would be judged on and graded. The control of the car would be from the reused gaming steering wheel, pedals and gears.

The idea is that autonomous remote control car has a camera system that is mounted on the roof of the remote control vehicle. The system recieves all the information from the road, processes it and then causes the car to react to the information correctly. The roads in the project is design is a very particular way. The width of the 5mm white lines inform that car that it must drive within them whilst the 1cm informs the car that it must stop for a short period of time because they are give way road marknigs. The signs contained specific QR code, each QR code give different information to the autonomous car, such as, matching the speed limit or not entering a 'no entry' area. The system on the car also recognised the colous red, yellow and green of the traffic lights and therefore preforms the correct action depending on the information it recieves. The car itself alos contains many sensors, for example, sensors that tells the sysem if there is a obstruction in it's path.