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Hacking, rewiring and use of arduino and processing in a 1940s cathedral style radio and installtions of a projector into the rear.


The left hand tuner on the radio changes the music played through the radio and the right hand tuner changes the films projected.


There are 6 animations that represent the 6 decades between the 1940s and the 1990s all made on Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Project Details

Past Projections is an interactive installation that uses the affordances of a radio to create an audio and visual experience. It is designed to be an educational game that teaches people about popular culture in Britain from the 1940s to the 1990s through animations and music.

Each animation contains Britain's popular culture of the decade that they are representing which is then projected through the projector in the radio on to a wall behind. When turned, the right hand tuner changes the .

The aim of the game is match the music with the correct decade animation this is done by turning the tuners. The right tuner changes the decade animations, these are in chronological order. The left tuner changes the music, these are not in chronological order. When the usic matches the sound then the user will be given feedback telling them that they are correct adn give them information about the music and the decade.