To ensure the best user experience, it was important to consider the features of the application. These included a customisable app setup and the ability to compare specific sources.

Visual Design

Each category has a strong defining colour, with the visual structure of the application inspired by current trends in UI design for news-based applications.

Push Notifications

A requirement of the app was that it should be disruptive, in order to encourage the user to view the other side. User testing found the best way to do this was through push notifications.

Project Details

The Social Media Filter Bubble is the phenomenon where users of social networking sites will typically only be exposed to news and opinions that largely reflect their own views. The task was to find a way to show articles containing alternative views to the user, in an attempt to show that the news that is often pushed onto them may not always be as it seems.

The result was 'Burst', an application that allows users to easily compare two articles on the same story. By default, the top two sources will be displayed, with an option to view what lesser known sources have to say aswell.

A very important aspect of the application was usability. It was felt that if the interaction to view the alternative news story was too complex, it may deter them from doing so. To prevent this from happening, the alternative story is instantly accessible by swiping across the screen.