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The target audience refined to primarily being generation Z fashion itself has a plethora of different audiences. With this in mind, it reinforced the necessity of user research throughout the project in order to address audience needs. The decision to incorporate constant feedback from the audience at each stage proved invaluable in the creation of Nomad.

Visual Design

Due to the audience having exceptional variation in aesthetic opinion visual design was made somewhat challenging.To address this, the decision was made to create a simple visual style for Nomad with the primary focus on enhancing post photography as the visual style, making Nomads visual evolve with the users app interaction.


The Nomad prototype utilises a combination of Sketch and proto.io. The decision to use these for the prototype is their integration, which allows easy transfer from sketch to test sketches, wireframes and final UI with ease. Additionally proto.io provides an extensive toolbox allowing for in depth prototyping which is extremely useful with user research and idea communication.

Project Details

Nomad stems from the current disconnect between players in the fashion community (brands, influencers, bloggers and consumers) that is extremely apparent on existing social media platforms. The primary evidence for such an issue is on social media sites such as Instagram, which have huge fashion presence yet the majority of fashion posts have comment sections full of users requesting product names and brands. Issues then progressed across blogging platforms where they said they found it hard to connect with their audience as they are juggling their blog as well as promotion on other social media to get them to the blog site.

In conjunction with the disconnect, generation Z has been said to be the most important focus of retail. This is due to them having the highest standards, with huge demand for retail associated content beyond the purchase such as social media posts, blogs, video reviews etc and they are evidently hindered by current platforms which in turn has a knock on effect on content creators and brand sales not only consumers.

Nomad aims to connect several fashion community players in a unified platform. The primary goals of Nomad are to effectively connect consumers to relevant fashion content, as well as providing the means for content creators to post all forms of fashion media and efficiently connect to their audience. Along side the primary goals, Nomad provides users the ability to upload images of fashion products they don't know and have other users identify the relevant products, motivated by receiving loyalty rewards. Therefore removing user frustrations, the floods of comments and connecting consumers and brands more effectively.