Designed by: Jacob Yard

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Project Details

Viewfinder is an immersive VR film installation that involves an interactive narrative and encourages the user to use interaction to view the film.

The film isn’t watched as you would expect to watch a VR film. The user watches the VR 360 film from a viewfinder of a vintage camera, however the user does this whilst being placed in the room in which the film is set. This allows the user to feel like they are viewing an alternate reality and are seeing things that are not actually inthe room through the camera. This process is used to demonstrate experiences similarto visions andhallucinations of a schizophreniac.This implies that the camera allows the user to see through the eyes of a schizophreniac.

The project involved re-purposing a vintage camera and working out how to enable the camera to be used to project virtual reality video to the camera’s viewfinder. After the deconstruction and reconstruction of the camera, a VR capable iPhone was placed inside the camera. Using reflections and angles a VR image became viewable. Motion sensors in the iphone (accelorometer) enabled the VR film to move when the user changed the direction the camera was facing. This allows the user to look around and explore the film through the camera’s viewfinder, simulating the user being in that 360 space.

As part of an experiential design project hoping to raise awareness of Schizophrenia, the interactive VR film places the user in an abstract version of what we would expect a Schizophrenia support group to look like. Among the characters in the group the user will listen and experience the stories of people and their battles with Schizophrenia. However not all is as it seems.