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Project Details

Omni watch is a wearable technology for kids ages 6-9 with the intension of improving child behaviours through routine, rewards, and parent-child bonding. Omni allows parents to provide their children with a daily structure reinforced by technology reducing the need for constant parental input in turn allowing them to complete their daily tasks and empowering the child.

In addition to a daily structure, parents can apply prompts to daily elements to remind and ease the child in to tasks that may be troublesome. Furthermore parents can apply rewards to these daily pain points such as bed time, to motivate and improve children’s behaviour during these points.

Potential rewards suggested by omni watch favour more active and social based activities, therefore promote family and friend bonding.

Beyond the consistent routine, parents also have to ability to create challenges which are optional/non-consistent activities e.g. score 5 goals against dad or get 5 spellings correct on todays test.

We chose to design for the iWatch because it is a recognised wearable technology widely available. Although our concept was to generate a stand alone wearable technology it seemed beneficial to design for iWatch because it is known as appose to designing for a watch that does not exist outside of this project. It also meant that it would better fit alongside the partnering app. We used the iWatch as a way to communicate our idea. Our stand alone watch looks similar to the iWatch which also made designing for it the sensible thing to do.

We had to follow the iWatch guidelines due to the iWatch’s bezel which provides a natural visual padding around the content that eliminates the need for additional padding.