An all in one cosmetic retail service thats acts as your, cosmetic specialist, personal shopper, makeup artist and sales advisor in order to give an accurate, efficient and truly personalised experience

M.A.C Matchless

  • Complexion Profile
  • Reccomendations
  • Product Overview
  • App Screens


P.O.S systems and personalisation are become more popular and wide spread in the retail world, with the aim to improve sales as well as giving a more seamless, efficient experience for shoppers. M.A.C matchless is a solution created for popular make-up retailer M.A.C. The concept involves a state of the art interactive mirror which uses advanced technology such as colour match technology to provide a personalised, accurate experience to M.A.C customers, allowing them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The interactive touch screen mirror uses colour match technology to analyse a users complexion, a personal complexion profile is created for the customer. Using this profile the system presents the hen

most appropriate products that suit the individual customer along with an accurate shade match. When browsing these products the mirror informs customers information on the products, explains why the product would suit the user and also recommends complimentary products. What makes this product unique is its use of augmented reality which allows customers to virtually try on the make-up products in a realistic and believable format.

A mobile application also runs along side the mirror. The app holds the customers profile information and the products they have been recommended by the mirror meaning they can browse and purchase these products at anytime anywhere.