An educational toy and virtual pet that not only acts as your child's financial companion but can be used as their own form of contactless payment as well as educating them how to handle their money responsibly.
  • BABU Personal Banking Buddy
  • Contactless Payment
  • BABU Buddy
  • Coin Scanning
  • BABU Parental App

BABU: Personal Banking Buddy

This was a collaborative project with Virgin Money in which a brief was set to create a product that would aid the disadvantaged in a possible cashless society. BABU is a form of payment and a financial companion designed for children aged 5-10. The concept consists of 3 components, a BABU buddy; a small key chain like toy to be used by the child, BABU Bucks: toy money designed to help children understand value and a partnering app which gives parents control over the BABU.

The BABU buddy acts as a form of contactless payment for children, gives haptic feedback of

balances, allows children to scan barcodes to check if they have enough money and also gives reminders to engourage children to complete chores. The BABU Bucks give a physicality to currency helping children understand the value of money, these coins can be scanned into the BABU to top up their balance. The app is designed just for the parent, it allows parents to view balances and activity, quickly transfer money to a BABU buddy, set chores and authorise any completed chores or scanned in money.