Edible Explorers

A fun, exciting and addictive platform game aimed to teach children about food and nutrition

Edible Explorers

  • App Screens
  • Game Play (Battle)
  • Game Play
  • Missions
  • In-store Mode
  • Interactive Lesson/Story

Edible Explorers

Edible explorers is a educational app and game for children aged 5-10 aimed to teach them about food and nutrition and promote healthy eating habits from a young age. Combining platform gaming with e-learning to create an engaging, fun and exciting product with recognisable characters and imaginative storyline.

Users play as members of the Edible Explorers, a group of super heroes in the shape of healthy foods that have assembled to keep the world healthy and balanced. The aim of the game is to prevent the Greedy Goblins, a group of unhealthy villains, from achieving their evil plan of destroying all healthy foods to become the number one food group. These villains have been causing chaos in supermarkets across the world to try and succeed in their plan. Players must race around supermarkets capturing and saving as many healthy foods as they can in an infinite runner game format. However the Greedy Goblins haven't made it easy for the Edible Explorers, with multiple obstacles traps and even battles along the way. The simple but addictive style of game keeps

children entertained for hours whilst also getting them interacting and recognising healthy foods and understanding the four food groups. A added in store bonus playing format is also available. This is a mode than can be played within supermarkets which uses in-store location technology to provide bonus material to be collected such as new characters. This keeps children entertained during shopping trips giving parents a more stress free experience.

Throughout players are presented with special missions and chances to achieve rewards providing incentive and motivation. Furthermore an additional educational e-learning style game runs along side this. This game includeds multiple different levels which contain fun short educational stories and lessons that teach children about different aspects of food and nutrition such as agriculture and cooking. By completing these levels players can earn items that will give them an advantage in the game such as power ups, head starts and more.