Designed by:

Alex Robson

For my Final Project I decided to focus on experiential design using the Arduino platform as a base. Essentially what I created is an interactive experience for a user involving audio/visual stimulus. The project consists of a fountain which reacts live to the users commands via input from a MIDI device such as a keyboard etc. The fountain also has a secondary function in which it can react to basic audio input from a song. The lights also provide some form of visual stimulus for the user. This project would ideally be used at large events to attract visitors.

The fountain was made out of acrylic and was designed from the start to be aesthetically pleasing; which would in turn attract more visitors to it and subsequently the event it was displayed at. The pipes were then attached to the bottom of the fountain to give a directed water spray.

The fountain is controlled using Arduino software in tandem with the hairless MIDI serial bridge which allows MIDI inputs to be sent directly to the Arduino board. This data was then used as a condition for the water pumps to activate at a particular speed. This worked very well the only limitations I found during this project was the amount of power I needed to make it work