Designed by:

Alex Robson

This project gave me free reign to choose whatever I wanted to do. I chose to focus on an app. The idea I came up with was Geotalk. Geotalk is a location based social network that works using GPS to locate you and other users. It allows you to connect with nearby people and talk about shared interests, play games together or even draw together directly in the app. I created a brand identity for the app including a logo and colour scheme. The app is for smartphones and is aimed at younger audiences who currently use social networks like twitter or even tinder. In fact this project could be seen almost as tinder without the dating aspect.

The app works anonymously by showing the different nearby users as customisable icons of different colours. These colours all have different meanings. Blue is a basic user with no special circumstances. Green is a person that the user has on his/her list of contacts on their phone (a friend). Orange is someone you have contacted before on the app and yellow is someone with similar interests.

The app decides who is more 'compatible' for interaction by letting you follow different trends. These trends are like pages on twitter almost and the more you follow the more likely someone will follow the same trends as you. These trends pages also act as news feeds. For example the NHL sports page acts as a place where users can see all of the latest scores.