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Throughout the past three years finding my feet as to what field I was most interested in as a designer became a priority - the range of different aspects of designs covered throughout my experience on the course steered me in the direction of experiencial design above all others.


I have covered a range of design aspects throughout my journey as a designer, these being mainly web design, app design and programming which I now all have a good level of skill in each area.

Other Interests

I am very social and work well within a team but also thrive working by myself and creating new ideas in different areas of design but most specifically within the topic area of my Final Project as described below.

Project Details

Working on my final project is something that I have been thinking about since starting this course, over the past three years I have grown to enjoy the experiential side of design. Therefore carrying on from Personal Project 01 I aim to create a virtual environment using motion tracking that would benefit the user both through interaction with the installation and also gain information about a certain topic or issue. I feel that combining my knowledge throughout the past three years with work from the previous semester I will be able to create something that does both of these things.

From my previous work I wanted to focus on the ways in which I could create a virtual environment or simulation using trackers. I decided that using motion tracking software would be the best way to create a realistic and responsive installation that could be easily used by a variety of user, pairing tracking with visual and audio stimuli to create a response and educate a user is something that I thought would be useful and would link nicely to work that I completed during Final Project 01 last semester. Although I do think that I would like to look at using real footage filmed by myself rather than animation would create a more realistic environment and would reach a wider audience rather than just children which changes my target audience slightly.