Designed by:

Laura Baldock

FlyHigh is a re-design of the long haul inflight entertainment system. It is designed to be easier, more convenient and stress free for everyone on board. With FlyHigh the customer can order food, drink and shop directly from the interface in front of them. The customer can also pay for everything via contactless, Paypal or Apple pay on the interface. Along with an interface re-design, I also made an app to work alongside it. The app allows for instant access to wifi and other things. However the main selling point to the app is it has an Instagram and Guide section where the customer can have a live view of exactly where they are flying over, and find out some fun facts.

This is the application that is designed to work along side the inflight system. The app allows the user to connect to wifi instantly, connect the system to their Spotify account and lets the user view a live feed of exactly where they currently are in the world by connecting with Instagram. There is also a guide section that runs in conjunction with this, which allows the user to learn some fun facts about where they currently are in the world. This is really unique and something really fun and different for the customer to enjoy whilst on board.

This is what the interface would look like. It is designed so that the user can order food, drinks and shop duty free on the interface and pay for everything whenever they like either with contactless card, Paypal or Apple Pay. It also has all of the original options that the entertainment system has like movies, music and games. The music section also allows for the customer to connect to Spotify meaning that they can listen to their own playlists.