An innovative two way communication system designed to empower staff and delight customers.


Designed by: Adele Brown & Fiona Jacques


We held focus groups, conducted user interviews and utilised agile techniques through workshops sessions in order to identify key insights. Through research, observations and user journey flows, we identified areas where communication between colleagues in store could be significantly improved.

App Development

We designed an app for colleagues in store - to send and monitor tasks to others, by sending a task notification which is received on a digital badge. For the purpose of user testing we created a functioning prototype to demonstrate the concept to colleagues and test it in a busy retail context.

Wearable Technology

Tasks are received and responded to via a touch screen badges - replacing existing name badges, which are worn by all in store colleagues. By providing a more consistent and fairer way of delegating tasks we allow colleagues to communicate more effectively and productively.

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Colleague in-store app

We were tasked with empowering in store colleagues to handle in the moment queries from customers. From our research and agile concept refinement techniques, we identified that by empowering colleagues with the ability to communicate more efficiently and delegate and monitor tasks in store, that we would simultaneously delight Sainsbury’s customers by delivering a more productive and transparent service. Data regarding customer queries which would have previously been lost, is also harnessed and can be monitored by management to continuously evolve each store with its customers.

A wearable communicator

By replacing existing colleague name badges with digital touch screen badges gives the ability for colleagues to respond to tasks quickly - with a tap or a swipe gesture. Bluetooth low Energy beacons in store gather badge location data, offering real time data to be monitored via the accompanying app. Creating a unique way to communicate to all instore colleagues.


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