An innovative smart pen that combines with a unique children's drawing app to aid the development of fine motor skills and correct pen practise.


A key element of the brief was to understand the issues faced by the children when developing their fine motor skills. Creating personas and condicting primary research with teachers, parents and occupational therapists uncovered problems that Doodler could help combat.

App Development

From the get go talking to the parents led the navigation of the app, user testing rapid prototypes to develop iterations of the app with the aim of reducing taps and increasing efficiency. Running a workshop with children ensured the app is understood by the audience and captures their attention.

Physical Prototyping

Using Arduino, Processing and a lot of perseverance to create a physical prototype of the pen. Providing the user with consistent feedback on pressure, angle and hold while drawing.

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Assessing their ability

Throughout the project it has been of the highest importance to consider that children learn at different paces and in different ways. So the children’s app begins with a short test to establish each child’s ability to enable the app to cater the activities to the child. This will ensure children do not become disheartened, discouraged or unwilling to use Doodler.

Getting ready to draw

Every time the child uses Doodler they will be greeted by their Doodler buddy to complete a short warm up. The warm up targets fine motor skills to strengthen the child’s muscles as well as mentally focussing the child on the upcoming activities.

Providing Feedback

For the child

The pen provides instant and consistent feedback to the child visually, auditory and physically. This promotes children to develop a pincer grip that research has shown is important to future development. As well as aiding children with fine motor difficulties to understand pressure and adjust the pressure accordingly, resulting in less pain while writing.

For the parents

All the data collected through the pen and app from each drawing the child completes is shown to the parents through simple and meaningful charts. This allows patterns to be highlighted and data shared with other professionals in the child’s support network. By using Doodler potential disabilities such as dyspraxia have the potential to be diagnosed earlier.