Designed by:

Matthew Gordon, Emilia Gizewska, Nimesh Reghunandanan, Hayley Spencer

Our team decided to design an interface which allowed the user group to utilise technology to show their accomplishments specifically with people of similar interests. We wanted to amalgamate a number of current app features into one succinct design. This design will allow the sharing of video, images, blog type features and simple messaging and social interaction in one which allows the user to catalogue their adventures and share as much or as little information as they choose. We designed both an app and website interface aimed at the extreme tourism demographic for those who take part in extreme sports and similar to be able to share their experiences with like-minded people.

The website allows users, and those who don’t have a profile, to view blogs and comment, but it doesn’t allow for blogging as that is a feature that is only available from the phone application

In our research into this user group, we discovered that many extreme sport enthusiasts can be quite isolated in that they often spend time either solo or with only one or two other fellow enthusiasts. Although, as a sub-culture, these enthusiasts are interested in seeing what others are doing and where they are visiting, they rarely interact in a 'close knit' fashion meaning that even though there may be a number of similar personalities in one area, they often stay in small cliques. That said, most extreme sport enthusiasts still enjoy sharing their experiences on a broader platform such as YouTube, or Facebook in order to 'show off' their achievements. What we found was that although the user group isn't necessarily disconnected from technology as a whole, they are often disconnected from each other.