Immersive City

Immersive City is a Virtual Reality application which allows its users to explore various aspects of different cities including its History, Music, Art & Design, Entertainment and Food culture.

Immersive City


Providing mutliple locations allows users to be able to gain an insight as to what it is like to view multiple cities across the globe at their own speed.

Cultural Aspects

The option of being able to view different subjects related to the cities makes the app appeal to a wider audience .

360 Environment

Being able to look around and utilise the full 360 environment gives the experience a much more immersive effect.

Project Details

Created with VR software Wonda VR, Immersive City is accessible for anyone to use who has access to a VR platform, varying from Gear VR to Cardboard. By being able to upload a URL or QR code, Wonda allows you to instantly share your experience with your targeted audience. In the case allowing locals or interested travellers to view various cultural aspects of their own or different cities.

With the use of virtual reality, immerse yourself into the various cultures a city has to offer including its history, music, entertainment, food and art & design.

Navigate your way around multiple locations for each culture, in an exciting 360 environment, combined with music, narrations, interactive virtual features and immersive 360 videos.