Interactive Restaurant Table

Digital dining

An innovative way of dining where smart technology will keep you entertained.

Personalised menu

Update your account with any specific dietary requirements you may have & receive your own, customised menu.

Smartphone pre-order

For express dining, order your dishes beforehand and have them ready by the time you get to the restauant.

A new way of implemented technology into dining experience, following 21st century trends. Designed to inspire, excite and engage while focusing on faster and more accurate restaurant service.

*Prototype built using short-throw, rear projection on clear acrylic surface with black projection film & Xbox Kinect to detect finger positioning and gesture movement.*

While at the table, customers have an option to display the detailed menu and visualise it by already prepared photography of the actual dishes. They can add to the order list by a simple tap on the screen and process further to the checkout. As an option, the table includes a payment device to accept mobile, card or loyalty cards payments. The customer is still capable of being served or helped by a waiter if wanted by a simple airplane-like call button. Extra features like language selection and taxi ordering are also available.