Designed by:

Luke Medlock, Claire Fearon

Eden is a scalable and eco-friendly environment monitoring system that is used to keep check on edible crops as well as ornamental plants in order to reduce the workload which comes with caring for plants, especially in not easily accessible areas. The system can then take action by regulating other actors or by notifying the owner of the plant. We strove for a concept which not only saves in water being used, but cuts the time needed to tend for plants and improves the overall quality of the well being of both plants and people.

Because every person is unique in their own way, we therefore strove as a team to make Eden as scalable and tailorable as possible, whereby a mix and match concept was applied so you could tailor your wants to your needs and choose from a variety of sensors, actuators and third party information to suit the exact needs for monitoring your yield - all from the convenience of your own phone.

A website for Eden was also created in order to cater to each individual. The website not only provided information about the service but would enable you to browse through a selection of options which you would then choose for your own personal need. The website allowed you to tailor and order your own Eden device, that you could set in the soil where your plant would be, then to be connected to your mobile phone to be monitored, creating the optimal plant-caring experience.