Designed by:

Matthew Gordon

I want to reinforce the importance of spontaneous practice and perceived efficacy. Perceived efficacy is a judgement of capability, and the essence of daring is to do/overcome what sparks fear within. Desperados is a drink for those who dare and push their creative boundaries; stepping into the unknown. I want to create an immersive film that encourages viewers to push their boundaries and recognise their own potential.

Beer provides confidence but doesn’t withhold the flare. The daring edge.

Desperados has the duality between the sociality of beer and the wildness of tequila. Desperado’s inspires young adults to break out of normal town and to turn boring and predictable into something epic. The Desperados brand envisions that the world we are in has limits but also infinite possibilities. Only those who dare to live by their own rules can experience life beyond the expected and live in the World beyond the World.

He has the flare, the vigour of a Desperados drinker. When interchanging between films I wanted the body position of the protagonist to really contrast so in “no tequila” he is struggling to even get the ball all the way down the alley and ends up in positions which are low and near to the ground, denoting his confidence and defeatist attitude. It is also quite clumsy to resemble the negatives of beer.