Designed by:

Leigh-an Howe, Hayley Spencer

DEALIO is a discount app where the user can find deals easily by searching for a common theme and will put together small clusters of discounts that coordinate with one another to give an easy way to shop by category such as: Gifts for mum, Date night or perhaps back to school. Wanting to encourage people to socialise more even whilst using technology, a feature allowing slightly higher discounts was added so if users connect with friends they can then use the discounts in the same store at the same time. In addition, a 'Wildcard' discount which can be remotely triggered via GPS connection when in the vicinity of a specific offer. 'Wildcard' discounts will only be available for up to twenty-four hours.

DEALIO was designed so that it was easy to use and navigate whilst on the go for shoppers everywhere, such as each section of the application being colour coordinated. The user has a variety of features such as creating a DEALIO, completing already saved ones and including friends in their shopping experience.

Inventive new mobile application to bring people back to the high street and improve their quality of life. Allowing users to bring back the tradition of high street shopping as well as receiving great discounts for all ages.