Designed by:

Ilisa Izhar, Ryan Lee

Introducing ‘Dash Deed’, a 2D adventure mobile game that promotes and celebrate TOMS’ aim to improve lives. It offers a fun way to learn more about TOM’s previous campaigns as well as to contribute directly to those in need. During the campaign period, the highest score will be converted into actual donation by TOMS. This is a project to celebrate TOMS 10 years journey.

Dash Deed has a series of levels and bonus levels to help users gain more TOMS points. While in game, It also offers back stories regarding TOMS and its 10 years journey.

Through these levels, users are ultimately gaining more points. Each level tells reflects the causes TOMS support, e.g Anti-Bullying campaign, and for every purchased shoes, a pair of shoes is donated to those in need.

Dash Deed also has a “challenge your friends feature" that promotes healthy competition, with this feature, it allows the users to compete for the highest donation scores to help those in need.